The Big Favour was the Brainchild of UK Self-made Millionaire Andrew Reynolds

The Big Favour was the brainchild of UK self-made millionaire Andrew Reynolds. Held for the first time at London’s Excel Arena ICC, the event was attended by around 2000 people.

The Big Favour was a three day event for aspiring business owners, hosted by Andrew Reynolds. All the ticket sales were donated to leading children’s cancer charity, Children with Cancer UK. Since starting to support this London based charity in 2016, events organised by Andrew Reynolds  have raised around £400,000 to help their work.

Most noteworthy, every penny goes straight to the charity from the event attendees when they book. Andrew Reynolds’ organisation takes no % for admin or event costs. The whole event is personally funded by Andrew Reynolds and as a result 100% of the ticket price goes straight to the children’s charity.

Andrew Reynolds Charity fundraising

Andrew Reynolds presents a cheque to Childen With Cancer UKThe Big Favour is the latest project in years of fund raising, which has seen millions of pounds being raised and donated by Andrew Reynolds.

Beneficiaries have included Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. The Make A Wish Foundation. Disability Initiative. Blind Children UK. Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. Surrey Dial A Ride. The Princes Trust. And now the latest beneficiary, Children With Cancer UK, based in Great Ormond Street, London.

Through the Big Favour event at the Excel Andrew Reynolds raised £130,680.00 for Children With Cancer UK.

Worldwide speakers

Andrew Reynolds event featured a host of international speakersAndrew Reynolds said “I pulled in a lot of big favours from friends and associates in the trade. They flew in from around the globe to speak at this event, to help raise the money. Speakers from China, Australia and the USA, as well as UK, all did their part to make the Big Favour event very special”.

Speakers talked most of all about their own personal stories of success, form starting on shoestring budgets to becoming independently wealthy. Most speakers were self-made millionaires and multi-millionaires. All gave their time freely to provide inspiration to the attendees and to help raise the money for the charity.


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  1. Hi Andrew
    I have followed you for some time now by the old Cash On Demand and the newer version.
    I have made money from it maybe not as much as I would haver like but I am getting there
    However Boot camp was brilliant all of it and I am using what I have learnt to move my freedom wealth on
    The only problem I have that there was so much good Ideal and businesses to work at that I am have trouble focusing on
    one to really get going
    Thank you and all you colleague for the input to a excellent weekend

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